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Relevant Life Insurance

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What is Relevant Life Insurance?

Relevant life insurance policies allow businesses to provide death in service benefit and critical illness cover to their employees, whilst benefiting from the tax breaks usually enjoyed by larger companies. Plans can be taken out by a business of any size and written on a single life basis. The premiums, which are paid for by the company, may be treated as a business expense. Any cash lump sum payable to the employees/directors beneficiares is also paid out tax-free.

Who benefits from relevant life cover?

  • The employer: relevant life insurance plans are generally treated as a tax deductible expense and can provide corporation tax relief for the employer. Payments are also exempt from national insurance calcualtions. Tax-benefits aside, the perks of relevant life insurance can serve as an effective tool in the recruitment and retention of staff.
  • The employee: can enjoy more favorable tax treatment than if they purchased cover themselves. Relevant life cover is not classed as a taxable 'benefit in kind' for the receiving employees and is excluded from national insurance calculations. What's more, payments do not count towards the lifetime allowance and, if held under a trust, are not included in the employee's estate for inheritance tax purposes.

How does it work?

The policy is owned by the business but underwritten on the employees life. In the event that employee passes away or falls critically ill, the business can make a claim with the insurer. The insurer then pays the sum assured into the relevant life trust and the benefit is distributed to the nominated beneficiaries.

Who can qualify?

The employer must be a UK resident business and registered as a limited company, limited liability partnership or a sole trader. The employee must be a UK resident and an employee of the policy holder, this can include salaried company directors and partners.

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