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Shareholders Insurance

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What is Shareholder Protection Insurance?

The untimely death of the owner or a stakeholder in a business can have a severely damaging impact on their enterprise, not to mention their family and associates. If anything were to happen to you or a key shareholder - what would happen to the ownership of your business? Could you afford to buy out a shareholders stake in the business if they passed away?

Shareholder protection insurance allows the remaining shareholders to purchase a members interests in the company if they pass away or fall critically ill. By having the correct insurance and a suitable agreement in place, fellow shareholders can retain control of the business and ensure its continuity. Moreover, company stakeholders can rest assured that their families will receive fair financial compensation in the event of their passing.

What are the benefits?

  • Business stability: Shareholder protection provides total peace of mind that should a shareholder pass away, the owners can buy up the remaining shares and retain control of the company. They don't have to worry about how they are going to raise sufficient capital to buy the shares, nor worry about being forced into business with an entity that has little or no interest in the company. With less disruption and increased certainty, the business is able to resume its operations more efficiently.
  • Support for family: Inheriting family members often do not posses the knowledge required to effectively manage a business or financial portfolio. In some cases they would much rather receive money which is more useful to them. Shareholder protection policies allow the shareholders family to realise the value of their business interest in a quick, easy and seamless manner. Whats more, the policies guarantee a fair buy-out price, so you know that your family will receive what is due.

How does it work?

Either the owners of a company or the company as a whole takes out insurance on the lives of each shareholder. In the unfortunate event that a shareholder passes away or falls critically ill, the company can issue a claim with the insurer. The insurer then pays the sum assured to the other shareholder(s), which can be used to buy up the members shares.

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